Our Story

The Challenge

There are more than 400 million diabetics worldwide. By 2026 the number will jump to 810 million. In countries like India and China, diabetes has reached near-epidemic levels.

50 million people could go blind because of diabetic retinopathy which is the leading cause of blindness among working age adults. Currently, just 30% of diabetics undergo annual retinal eye exams due to a severe lack of Ophthalmologists or the hassle of getting to clinics or eye care centers.

90% or 45 million of these people, could avoid blindness if there was a simple, fast and inexpensive test that could detect and monitor the disease and get these people to take the necessary treatment in time to save their sight.

Camereyes InSight

The Solution

Camereyes is dedicated to providing affordable eyecare and preventing blindness. Our system provides diabetes blindness alerts faster and for less than existing methods. Camereyes has developed a simple, end-to-end solution for detecting and monitoring Diabetic Retinopathy at the push of a button. Cameraeyes InSight leverages cutting edge optics and advanced deep learning algorithms to provide a low cost, fully automated solution for places where professional eye care specialists may be scarce or far away.

Camereyes InSight requires no special setup or skill, making it ideal for busy endocrinologists and primary care providers – even in remote locations.

Insight Retinal is a breakthrough system for several reasons. It delivers:

  • Professional Images
  • Low cost
  • Fully automatic
  • Portable

Our system will enable more people suffering from Diabetic Retinopathy to save their eyesight by enhancing compliance and helping prevent blindness. Partner with us, and help make a difference.


High Quality, simple, fast and low cost


Retinal Insight is an end-to-end system that begins with a cutting edge, fully automatic camera headset and ends with test results – generated using our proprietary deep learning decision support systems – which are sent to physicians within minutes. In the cloud or on the ground, we harness technology for the sake of your eyesight.

Our Clients

Who should use Camereyes InSight

Camereyes InSight requires no special setup or skill to operate. It is an ideal solution for:

  • Endocrinologists, Diabetes and Community Clinics
  • General physicians and primary care providers
  • Optometrists, Ophthalmologists
  • Pharmacies
  • Government and NGO screening programs
  • Private patients who need frequent eye exams

Our Solution



Camereyes InSight is an end-to-end system designed to provide highly reliable diabetic blindness alerts in places where eyecare professionals are scare or hard to reach.

At the core of the Camereyes InSight solution lies a low cost, high quality, portable nonmydriatic fundus camera. This compact camera is mounted in a comfortable headset that the patient slips on. At the press of a button, in less than a minute, it automatically takes high quality color and red-free fundus images with over 30 degrees field of view.

These images are automatically stored in the cloud for easy access, research and monitoring.

Images are also automatically forwarded to a network of reading centers staffed by accredited professional readers, who use our advanced machine learning decision support systems to read patient images. In just minutes, detailed reports are sent back to the point of care; whether it’s a busy diabetes clinic in Toronto or a remote clinic in a tent in Timbuktu.


One system, many Retinal issues

Camereyes InSight has been designed primarily to detect and monitor Diabetic Retinopathy, but the system camera can be used for monitoring other eye problems.

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